Dewhurst Furniture strives to manufacture products that are ethical and sustainable in relation to environmental impact and long term sustainability. As we focus on custom made furniture each piece is individual and has it’s own carbon footprint so our major focus is on sustainable manufacturing techniques and technology as well as sustainable and ethical sourcing of raw materials.

  • All timber sourced and used comes with certificates of sustainability.
  • Solar panels installed on the factory roof – stage 3 and final installation now complete which produces 100% of electricity used during manufacturing.
  • Waste reduction program – Timber offcuts collected and donated for heating. Unusable board donated to schools for small projects.
  • All Medium Density Fibre board is E0, formaldehyde free and environmentally friendly.
  • Installation of LED highbay lights as well as flurosave lighting which reduces our energy consumption by up to 25%
  • Main isolation switch for factory shutdown to remove any out of production energy wastage.
  • Transport bundling allows us to reduce transport emissions by grouping both incoming and outgoing products and minimizing vehicle roadtime.

The environmental impact of our products are continually under review and we are constantly searching for new methods and technology to help reduce the carbon footprint of our business. Our future plan is to extend our solar panel network to cover more than 100% of production.